Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Out with 2010 and Hello 2011

Hey Blog Fam!

Happy New Year! Introducing my newest son CJ. Look at all of that hair. He is very particular about his hair too. 9 month old loves to touch his hair but don't want me or anyone else near his hair...PERIOD!! He loves for me to lean him back in the sink and wash his hair and condition it but after that treatment is over he is not having it. Well, I just received my order of Oyin with a 8oz of Whipped Pudding, 2 orders of Greg Juice, and Go Tea (for the hubby). That Whipped pudding came in handy today. After washing that massive afro I applied some Oyin Honey Hemp conditioner and rinsed. I dried that afro and massaged some Whipped Pudding in. I took his baby brush and brushed it to the tips. Once he was sleep I began semi parting with a comb and my fingers and plaited his hair up. As you can see his hair is EXTRA curly and I can't braided it all the way to the ends because it just slips out of my fingers so I let it curl up. He loves it! He can't stop touching and twirling it. He can't take the cornrolls so I will just do this once a week. He is more high maintenance than my own locs which have grown. The edges where I lost some hair due to hormones have grown back. The layers are growing out and it is just long and full. I love it but with my hair and his hair...MAN what a weekend.

I have a full time job now and it is not as stressful and I am making progress there. My skills and experience are definitely acknowledge. Plus to add to that the company will be moving to my county so that commute time will be cute down by atleast 20 to 30 minutes. YES! I can take all street if I want. I took a pay cut but what I have learned is with more money comes more responsibility and expectations. Right now I am more focused on my family than the career.

I lost the baby weight now I am where I started and I need to lose 15 to 20 to be healthier. It is definitely hard to go to work, pick up the baby, and try to fit in a workout. So today I went shopping for a new chic lunch bag, salad and lunch to go containers. I also invested in a good 6" Chef Knife for my everyday kitchen needs. I also purchased a slicer. I plan to do a 10 day detox where I am going to focus on eating fruits and veggies mostly raw with beans and protein shakes for my protein intake. No excuses! I have a treadmill, p90x, Tae Bo, weights, and all kinds of equipment in my basement so I should be all set. I still will try to get to the gym maybe 2 times a week when my hubby is home so he can get the baby. It all goes down TOMORROW! I have Monday off so I am going to do my first day of detox tomorrow.