Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey Blog Fam!

So I was just browsing the Sisterlocks website today and guess what I found on the Certified Consultant List. MY NAME!! Whoo Hooo! It has been a long road to this point and I am excited. Headquarters can be oh so slow at times but this certainly made my day today. I was feeling a little down about losing my granny last week but this has picked me up a little. Check me out under Georgia.

With the baby coming in April I had to make some decisions concerning business. Well first off I won't be taking any new Sisterlock Installations from January through May. I know that is peak season but with me going into my 3rd trimester and my poor little feet and ankles swelling I figured I better take it easy. My hubby will be all too happy. He worries so much over me when I am doing hair, which is understandable. Also after the baby is born I will be taking 6 weeks of leave from both corporate and the hair business. I need to get acclimated to the new baby. All of my clients are prepared for that time and all are willing to wait until I am up to it. It may be sooner than 6 weeks but for right now I feel comfortable saying 6 weeks.

I found out the sex of the baby. I am excited to say that it is a boy that will be nicknamed CJ. He is already 14 ounces and is long. He wouldn't stay still long enough to get a total measurement for him but from the ultrasounds the doc and ultrasound tech say he will be long. My hubby is so proud. I am just excited to be at this point.