Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Guess what I got.....

Hey Blog Fam!

After washing a client's hair who had major build up in her locks in my kitchen sink I said NO MORE. I went out and got this baby....

That's right...Locks 4 Life-Atlanta will be offering shampoo and conditioning services as well as styling so come and get you some. Notice the extra wide bowl for those with long hair and short hair alike. I have my contractor scheduled for Sept 6th. I can't wait!! I will not wash anyone's hair in my sink EVER AGAIN. The build up that I saw last week was TOO MUCH to handle.

On to another topic...after all of that fun in the sun and salt water I had to come home and get busy conditioning my locks. I noticed my locks were a little dry from the sun so I did a deep conditioner on my locks and they feel much better. I also noticed I have some bunched ends that I will be snipping today. Check it out....Yall like my tan?? I am also trying to work on my retightening but I am so busy...

I still have the grays in the front and I don't think I am going to mess with them for a little bit. The rinse only lasts maybe 3 weeks but since I was in the salt water I am guessing maybe 2 weeks at the most. Did you guys notice I still have some two headed dragons that I haven't snipped yet?

I also purchased some new art for my studio. This guy by the name of David Patterson created some wonderful works of art. They are exactly what I needed! One is called evolution and the other nubian locs.


Hey Blog Fam!

I know I have been ghost for a moment but now I am back. My hubby and I spent out 7 year wedding anniversary in St. Kitts (my father's birthplace). It was a very relaxing 7 days. I needed that!! I have been working so hard that I almost forgot how to relax. I just switched jobs and I have been working my business Locks 4 Life-Atlanta so I haven't had much time for relaxing. Check us out in St. Kitts!