Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stand your ground

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As I continue my spiritual walk I have eliminated a lot of unnecessary drama and limited hurtful conversations or what they call No Purpose Convos. You know those convos where you gossip freely just say what you want without considering how that person would feel if they had heard your convo. I am finding that I am losing friends because of my lack of participation. It is really true that God will bring people into your life for a reason, a season, and a lifetime. God will allow certain people to walk out of your life that do not agree with your new way of thinking. He will also aggravate the naysayers who say they believe in what you are doing but when you reject their advances they get irrate. Man, it is a mess! Even family members are falling by the wayside, but you know you can't just totally rid yourself of family all.

I just had a very hurtful situation happen that just blew my mind because I didn't participate but I got the ex-communication (the deleting of your friendship status, email addresseses, etc). So here is the jist...I am with a client on Saturday and I hear the house phone ring and of course I don't answer. Then my cell phone rings, and I picked up because I thought it was my sister or my mom and it must be important for them to dial all of my numbers. Nope it is my soror and she asks if I am busy and I state yes I am with a client. But it sounded like something was wrong so I asked what's up...to get the quick jist of the issues. Oh man why did I do that??? It wasn't even anything wrong with the soror on the phone she goes into something concerning another soror who she had a convo with that previous evening and she just felt like something was wrong because she was being secretive with some info. Now yall remember I said I wasn't participating in this type of convo anymore right. So as soror was chatting and asking me if I talked to her I said no and maybe this woman was being secretive because of another reason. Nope that wouldn't do for her and she kept saying it is something wrong. I ended that call because one I spent too much time on the phone anyway over my client's head and secondly I am not going to sit and participate in this conversation. I kindly called the soror in question and asked her to call the questioning soror to answer her questions that I had no answers to. End of conversation. So how in the hell did I get punished because I wouldn't participate or tell her the surprise? I don't know but obviously if this person could walk away from me then that means that she was never for me in the first place. Secondly if she could walk away that shows me that she has no respect for my position on eliminating drama and no purpose convos. Thirdly this person is not willing to accept responsibility for her own actions. I believe if you have concerns you can pick up the phone and call your friend no matter what. I am not going to call another friend and put that person in the middle because I can't communicate. That is unfairly putting a third party in the middle and how uncomfortable is that. I am standing my ground on eliminating drama and no purpose convos and if anymore friends, sorors, family members etc want to fall off....then se la vie, adios, and God Bless!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Newest Client

Hey Blog Fam!

Okay I am finally getting caught up with the picture posting. Below is my newest Sisterlock Client Ms. Vicky. Check out her install.

If you want to check out my online portfolio please visit www.public.fotki.com/Locks4LifeAtlanta/

Updated Website

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The new site is now up and running.. Please take a look and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The busiest weekend of my business life

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What a busy week this is shaping up to be. WHEW! I was off last week from doing hair because my mom was visiting. I actually had a client on Saturday but we had to reschedule. God is so good! He has blessed Locks 4 Life Atlanta abundantly and I am so thankful. Where do I start? Okay I will start with my retightening that I have scheduled. I have one on Thursday and two on Fridays (Thank God I can work from home on Fridays). I have one install on Saturday that just confirmed. Just a few days ago I was called from a young lady calling internationally. WOW! She will be transitioning to GA in a few months but she definitely wants her hair done by none other. I was so humbled and grateful that she appreciates my work enough to want to entrust her installation to me. She will be in the ATL on Thursday for 5 days total. So guess where that put her installation. You guessed it on Sunday. I am looking at my schedule like GEEZ Oh Petes! God is good so I am going to run with this.

Thursday – 1 Retightening
Friday – 2 Retightening
Saturday – Full Install
Sunday – Full Install

With the business growing I need to step up my marketing and advertising efforts. Did I tell you guys that I have a B.S. in Marketing, so this is so right up my alley. I love Marketing! First thing I wanted to do is find a vendor that could not only revamp my website but provide a total solution for my small business needs such as a logo, website creation and hosting, as well as web marketing (Driving business to your site). I found that in Leaders in eDesign http://leadersinedesign.com/index.html The wife of this husband and wife team is actually my Soror. I figured why not keep it in the family when I decided to reach out. That was a week ago and they already sent me two different approaches for the website and the logo. I loved the first and now they are moving on to writing the code. What was so funny is that when I chatted with my Soror she knew exactly what I wanted just based off of my personality. She was like you want something artistically captivating, natural, professional, etc. I was like you sure do know my personality. When I received the mock up it was perfect with my favorite color combinations. So be on the look out for a new website and logo coming soon. Be sure to check out Leaders in eDesign if you are looking for affordable small business web solutions.

Monday, July 13, 2009

3 Years and I still love em

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I have been so busy I didn't even post my 3 year anniversary pictures. That is my bad. Too busy with clients to update my blog. Take a walk with me back in time.....