Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Dekalb Farmers Market

Hey Blog Fam!

The hubby and I just experienced the Dekalb Farmers Market. and let me tell you....I AM SO THRILLED we found it. I am officially off of the processed foods and all of the grocery stores in Gwinnett county were putting a hurting on our pockets. Man we walked in there and literally a fly could have flown right in our mouths. I didn't know were to start....Beer and Wine!?!? Okay Trina focus ! No beer and wine but we hit the spices, fruits, veggies, fish, cheese, and everythine else in there that I could have ever imagined. We had a FULL cart and we only spent $120...WHAT!! Only $120!?!? My hubby was like we will be back here every week from now on. It is cheaper than any combination of stores we could have ever put together. Like buying meats at Sam's Club, buying processed foods, milk, cheese, and yogurt from Kroger. Then stopping at Wal Mart for my hubby's lunch meat. I was able to get everything from the farmers market. I bought some sea bass, red grouper, and orange roughy which I can't wait to try these recipes on. I have all kinds of zucchini, squash, fruits (for smoothies), and veggies. It is on now.

I am so tired of feeling like I do. I have these headaches and I feel sluggish for no reason at all. I know it has something to do with what I am eating. So I have made the decision to give the processed foods up. I am committing myself to a clean eating lifestyle. Do you Trina take Clean Eating to be your life? YES I DO!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I got that Atlantis and Boy is it hot on a Zeta lady like myself

Hey Blog Fam!

I got my brand new Atlantis Tomoka Twist set today and for all of my sorors out there...Don't be Jelly! These look so hott against my Zeta Members Only shirt. I'm Hott! I'm Hott just like an Oven .....wooooo! Ok I had a Marvin flashback. Check me out. Wait till my sands get a load of me at my 10 year undergrad reunion....

It's hard out here for a Trainee

Hey Blog Fam!

Well I finally did it. I took the Sisterlocks training. You may have seen me on the Atlanta Video Blog. I am so proud of myself. I have installed locs before so now I am just formally trained to offer Sisterlocks and ready to go. My schedule is getting pretty tight already. I have people flying in for installations which makes me oh so honored that a client would be willing to fly to let my fingers start their journey. Atlanta is fastly becoming a city where kinks and coils are becoming a common style. Not to mention locs! Brothas are rocking those locs and I am seeing many more women with Sisterlocks or micro locs. With all of this being said if you are interested in Sisterlocks or Brotherlocks I am offering Trainee Prices for a limited time. With the way God is filling my schedule I don't expect to be a trainee long. Here are a couple pics of my home studio.

I have been reading various blogs and posts on LIU and I am really saddened to hear so many horror stories about bad consultants and trainees. I sit back and sigh to myself like....Man, those few are making it really hard out here for a trainee. I truly believe that your business lives by the clients / customers or it will die by the customers. If a client comes to your door or calls your number and desires sisterlocks that person has researched and prepared themselves for the investment and commitment that they are about to undertake. So what is a Sisterlock consultant / trainee? Let's see what my good ole buddy wikipedia says about a consultant

A consultant (from the Latin consultare means "to discuss" from which we also derive words such as consul and counsel) is a professional who provides advice in a particular area of expertise such as accountancy, the environment, technology, law, human resources, marketing, medicine, finance, economics, public affairs, communication, engineering, graphic design, or waste management.

A consultant is usually an expert or a professional in a specific field and has a wide knowledge of the subject matter. A consultant usually works for a consultancy firm or is self-employed, and engages with multiple and changing clients. Thus, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house, and to purchase only as much service from the outside consultant as desired. It is generally accepted good corporate governance to hire consultants as a check to the Principal-Agent problem.[citation needed]

Hmm interesting isn't it? An expert at Sisterlocks! That is big responsibility and to hear that there are consultants and trainees out there who are not accepting accountability for their actions it ticks me off. What comforts me is that the victims are not being deterred by those few bad apples.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Childhood Scars

Hey Blog Fam!

Since I did my big chop in 2002 I have noticed that the hair around the hairline directly above my eyes are very thin or non existent. I chalked it up to genes saying...Oh my mom, my sister, and aunts have the same balding patches in the same areas. Well would you know I have been wrong all of this time. Check out what I have growing in those areas.

Yeah that is right I have 3 new baby locs growing. One on right side and two on the left. I anticipate growing another one on that right side. I am just thrilled that my hair is finally growing back after years of chemical usage. I am talking about as far back as the kiddy perm, straightening combs, and jheri curl days. My mother knew how to braid but was getting to the point where she didn't want to braid me and my sisters hair every 3 or 4 weeks. Yes she was lazy! So she decided to do the kiddie perm, but with my kinky hair texture my hair laughed at her HA HA. So she got that hot comb out. Then she got tired of hearing me scream...YOU ARE BURNING ME!! She would reply shut up that is just the grease. Thanks Mom you were just scalding my scalp with petroleum and mineral oil. When she got tired of that she let our soul glow and put that Carefree Curl in my head. Yeah I had the greasy collar, pillow cases, and sheets. Thanks Mom! I know she was just doing what she knew how to do but damn she didn't even give me a chance to have long flowing hair.

That is why I am such an advocate for saving our daughter's hair. My co-worker's daughter has a head full of thick kinky hair and my co-worker is at her wits end about what she should do with her hair. The little girl takes swimming lessons and is very active. My co-worker has done the braids and has even did the texturizer (that companies are now marketing towards our daughters). Guess what her hair did....It laughed at that texturizer like HA HA Just try to straighten me. Her hair sort of reminds me of my own hair. I have offered to do her daughters hair for her...FREE NINETY NINE of course. I even asked if she has consider sisterlocks for her daughter especially if she will be swimming. I am trying any and everything to steer her away from the creamy crack as her last resort. Her daughter is I think 9 or 10 and her peers are touching her hair... asking her why is your hair so puffy? I hope I can save this little girl from what I had to go through as a child.

On another note.... I am going silver. Yeah I have a silver streak right in the front of my head that just won't stay in the locs. It started off as just a couple strands now they have brought their friends. I have Bigen'd them and they still come back with a couple new friends. What's a girl to do?
Oh did I mention it is time for a re-tightening. On Sunday my hubby was like babe it looks like you don't even have locs in the front of your hair. What he meant to say...Damn babe isn't it time for your retightening? My hair grows pretty fast so it is consistent at every 4 to 5 weeks.