Thursday, October 14, 2010

Extending your maintenance.

Hey Blog Fam!

I thought I would share a little bit of knowledge with you concerning Sisterlocks. The reason why I want to share this information is I have a couple of clients who have been going to distance in between maintenance appointments. Let me explain why 8 weeks and beyond is harmful for your Sisterlocks and your pockets. This only pertains to those of us who have average growing hair.

  1. Limited maintenance weakens your Sisterlocks
  2. It is more expensive for maintenance
  3. It can be painful
First let me address the issue of weakening Sisterlocks. When you continuously go 8 weeks and beyond for your re-tightening your new growth will cause problems at the base of the locks. Even the most diligent client who takes time to separate the Sisterlocks at the root will have problems with new growth over half an inch. Once your hair begins it's locking stage that is what your hair wants to do naturally so it will begin to mat at the roots. Running your fingers through that new growth will snag and pop locks and you don't know what hair belongs in what lock. Keep on snagging and popping locks and you will notice that your Sisterlocks are weaker at the base than you remember. You will also notice small fraying hairs at the base of your locks. Is that new hair growing in? Could be....but if your locks are thinning at the base you most likely snapped those hairs from the lock. How can this be fixed? Your Sisterlock Consultant can incorporate those smaller clusters of hair into the base of the Sisterlock creating a stronger base. Yes that helps the base but now you have a thin spot in your locks that will eventually pop off at that spot if you are not careful. If your Sisterlock Consultant is crafty like myself that weak spot can be helped as well.

Longer times between maintenance = more money when you finally come to see me. The reason I charge more for clients who go longer between maintenance is that I have a lot more hair to work with and it takes me longer. Period point blank. I also charge more for locks that require any fixing, weak locs, holes, etc.

Longer times between maintenance can be painful. Extra new growth will mat together and if you haven't done your work and separated your hair I will need to separate for you. It sounds a little like velcro and it feels like some one is playing tug o war with your Sisterlocks. I have even had to cut come Sisterlocks apart because they were matted together so badly.

Just thought I would share this with you as a Sisterlock Consultant. Hope if helps someone out there. Even if I help other consultants by motivating clients to schedule regular maintenance appointments every 4 to 6 weeks then I consider my work done.