Monday, March 22, 2010

Still hanging in there....

Hey Blog Fam!

I am officially on the countdown. I have about 5 more days before I enter the hospital for induction. I AM SO READY!! I am officially 38 weeks and feeling every moment of it. My ribs are really hurting with these little feet kicking me all the time. Speaking of poor feet are swollen beyond recognition, which they call cankles. :( I can only wear houseshoes so I have been working from home feverishly finishing up things at work before I leave on Friday. Of course the guys waited until the last minute like they always to do get things done. I am not going to let them rush me in anyway. I have been warning them since I was 6 months. Oh well!

I received my last client for a retightening on Saturday. I swear my clients are so good to me. We spent 2.5 hours together and at the conclusion of our appointment she handed me a card for CJ with a couple of gift cards in there. I was so surprised because I didn't expect anything. I love my clients. This client is the mother of the daughter whom I gave my wedding dress to. Hey it had been sitting in my storage for 8 years now so I figured I would give this young lady a great start to her married life. She wore that dress well and added her own flare to it. It brought tears to my eyes as well because it brought so many memories from my wedding day flooding back. Ahhh black love!