Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Respect my

I have been having a interesting time to say the least with my clients and potentials. My loyal customers who are always on time and schedule appointments in advance are wonderful. Today I just had a day with this newer client of mine. I knew it was going to be a ride because when she came for the install she needed to go and make a run that last 3 to 4 hours. I don't do that. I like to get the install over as soon as possible. It only took me 10 hours to complete her hair but since she took a 4 hour break I didn't get done with her until well into the night. Plus she showed up a hour late to her install. I let it go and just worked with her. For the follow up she called the day of and was like I am not going to be able to make it and how important is this appointment. Hey if she doesn't care about her newly installed locks then what can I do. I told her if she had no problems then we could just schedule the retightening. Well she called me and scheduled the appointment and I was being really nice because she has a weird schedule so I took a half a day today and worked from home during the morning expecting her at 9 AM so I could go into work by 12 to take a 12:30 conference call. Well wouldn't you know at 8:40 AM she calls like I am not going to make it to you until 10 AM and left this matter of fact message on my voicemail. Um excuse me! I called right back and a man answers the phone like she said she called you and left a message. I kindly explained yes she did but that time will not work for me unfortunately she will have to reschedule. He says well she is in the shower. OH REALLY!?!? Mental note! She calls back in a tude and I repeat what I just told the man who answered the phone. She was like well what other appointments do you have? Unfortunately I don't have anything that will fit her schedule until next Friday morning. Sorry. She was like...Never mind Thank you and hangs up in my face. How is she going to get mad at me for her tardiness?
When women come to me they have several things in common with me. I never liked the waiting in the salon thing. I hated it with a passion . With that said I start my appointments on time. I never run over on a appointment and I have never cancelled a appointment. I take pride in that. One thing I will never do is allow a client to compromise the way I do business. I love and appreciate all my clients and the business they bring to me, but trust and believe I am not pressed about it. God brings me clients and he takes them away. Some are meant to stay with me, others are meant to be there for a moment, and others are not meant to cross my threshold. God felt the need to remove this woman today and I accept it. She didn't respect my time or my business so why should I bend over backwards for her.. Se la vie! Adios Amiga! Kick Rocks! Beat It! You get the point!
The ever shopping potentials cracks me up as well. I get so many calls during a weeks time of potentials asking pricing for Sisterlocks and such. I kindly tell them you must come in for a consultation, or I don't discuss pricing over the phone. Well a couple of months ago I was running a short hair or relaxed hair special so I would give starting pricing for under 2 inches or 2 to 4 inches. Just starting prices and I would follow up with I can give you a better quote when you come for your consultation. Well I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. I told a potential that 2 months ago and I even set her up for a consultation that she cancelled less than 12 hours before the consultation. She came calling me like 2 to 3 times this week and I didn't know who this lady was speaking like we had met. When she said her name I assumed that we had a consultation and she had my quote sheet with that price. NOPE! She was trying to send her deposit in and fore go the consultation. No ma'am! She was like I've been to consults before and I know my pattern. To me this is a red flag. You don't want to come and meet the person who will be standing over you for 10 plus hours. What are you hiding? Why don't you want me to see your hair? I tell her no and you must set up a consultation. She says something about a price and I say I am sorry I didn't quote you a price if you haven't been to a consult. She was like umm your name such and such and you sent me a link with your online album. From that remark I was done. There is a more appealing way to handle situations but that little tude was not the way. You can't expect me to remember you from 2 months ago when I never met you. Also how can you expect me to honor a starting price that I gave you two entire months ago. Lady respect my business. So needless to say that potential was declined. God giveth and he taketh away. I am not sweating it.
Special message to all the Sisterlock Trainees out there NEVER EVER TAKE CLIENT WITHOUT A CONSULT. I did this early in my business and when this lady who wanted some corn rolls. She made her appointment and I discovered she had 7 inches more hair than what she told me, it was extremely coarse, and she was a lesbian that was all on me. She left my fingers were busted up and I felt violated because she was making Goo Goo eyes at me. Lesson learned very well I might add. No consult! No Service! Much respect!


*~RBG~* said...


OK, I was following and being sympathetic all the way down, up until the lesbian. You are hilarious. lol

Po Pers, and her crazy clientele. Count your blessings.

Nubian1 said...

Yep i was all set for some advice till the lesbian thing came up...too funny. She left you a lil' vulnerable & traumatised eh????

My lovely consultant charges for first consultation which is deducted from the installation should the client decide to go ahead.

Her contract pretty much covers and protects her from the nasties out there! You should do the same to sieve the wheat from the chaffe. If a client is for real, then they are not going to mind plus it makes them think long and hard whether the timing is right for them.


Trina said...

Thanks Nubian1! I quickly took your advice and I now have two contracts one for the Sisterlock Package and one for my policies. Now no one can ever say they didn't know. Ummmm sorry yes you did know you signed my contract on this date and time. Thanks!

Naturally Sophia said...

You are too funny! I so enjoyed reading htis! HAHAHAHA!

Do you mind if I snag a photo of you in your hair tie for the relaunch of my website?

Trina said...

Hey Sophia! Sure you can use the pics of the hair tie.

anthia-ofo said...

Oh wow! You got to be careful to get the right person in your chair.
Lord have mercy! eye-ing you whilst you're doing her hair!