Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Hair

Hey Blog Fam!

As I surf the net I am always amazed with the amount of women who want to control their locs. Oh my hair has lump, bumps, and holes my consultant must have installed them wrong. Or my hair doesn't feel right my consultant must have done something wrong. Or my hair doesn't look like her hair my consultant must have done something wrong. NEWS FLASH ladies your hair is exactly that...YOUR HAIR. It is going to do what it wants regardless. We as consultants may give you a flawless installation and your hair will still do what it wants to do because it is what....YOUR HAIR. It will not conform to what you want it to do or what I as your consultant wants it to do. I have seen women bash consultants or trainees because their hair did something unexpected. Now I am not saying there aren't any consultants or trainees that need to have their certificate ripped to shreds and their tool taken away. There are some bad people who do bad things and unfortunately that gives us good people a bad name. Ladies, we need to just be realistic...we can't control our natural hair in all of its kinks, coils, and beautiful glory. Let your mane BE FREE!! Wake up from your relaxed hair comma and let your hair be FREE.


Nubian1 said...

Here here....well said!

*~RBG~* said...

Amen... we have this complaint in the land of palm roll as well. Truth of the matter is, locs of any kind are rebellious. We just gotta weather the storm. I find I like when mine wan be crazy... wild and crazy, just like mama! :)

YingYangGurl said...

I do hope that is not me. I got installed in April, took them out in the beginning of June and will be getting them put back in soon. To me size really matters (lol). Also the parting matters. Everythingelse I take stride.