Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here we grow again

Hey Blog Fam!

God has been really good to me. When he takes clients away for one reason or another he always brings more clients to replace them. I am finding that he is bringing me shorter hair clients as well as clients transitioning from the relaxer. Relaxer has done such damage to the hairlines of some of my clients that it seems like all hope is gone but let me tell you we are seeing GROWTH baby all over the place. During their first retightening we are seeing new hair everywhere. I just love the vitality of natural hair.

Here is my newest Sisterlock Client. I loved working with her hair. She had such thick, lush hair with relaxer on the ends. She had 2 to 3 inches of natural hair and maybe 7 inches or so of relaxed hair. Her natural hair took to the Sisterlock pattern with not one problem. All of the test locks stayed put. It was a great install that lasted maybe 12 hours with a one hour break. You can't even really see her parts her hair is so thick and lush. See the finished product above.

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