Friday, April 17, 2009

New Hair Ties

I purchased some new hair ties this week because I REALLY needed something to hold this hair of mine that wasn't going to give me a headache. Brunsli is no longer offering her pieces so I have been eyeing a couple of new folks out there with real talent. Adorn by Sophia was offering a sale so I jumped right on board and picked up 3 nice pieces. Here is one wooden one that I have been rocking since Thursday when I opened the package. I will show the others when I retighten my hair. Man, I need to get on the ball with a wash, condition, and retightening soon.


Naturally Sophia said...

That looks astounding on you! Pretty! Thanks for your support.

Sophia, Naturally

*~RBG~* said...

Veddy niiii... where do I buy? Online site?

Trina said...

Hey Pers check out Naturally Sophia's store