Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Childhood Scars

Hey Blog Fam!

Since I did my big chop in 2002 I have noticed that the hair around the hairline directly above my eyes are very thin or non existent. I chalked it up to genes saying...Oh my mom, my sister, and aunts have the same balding patches in the same areas. Well would you know I have been wrong all of this time. Check out what I have growing in those areas.

Yeah that is right I have 3 new baby locs growing. One on right side and two on the left. I anticipate growing another one on that right side. I am just thrilled that my hair is finally growing back after years of chemical usage. I am talking about as far back as the kiddy perm, straightening combs, and jheri curl days. My mother knew how to braid but was getting to the point where she didn't want to braid me and my sisters hair every 3 or 4 weeks. Yes she was lazy! So she decided to do the kiddie perm, but with my kinky hair texture my hair laughed at her HA HA. So she got that hot comb out. Then she got tired of hearing me scream...YOU ARE BURNING ME!! She would reply shut up that is just the grease. Thanks Mom you were just scalding my scalp with petroleum and mineral oil. When she got tired of that she let our soul glow and put that Carefree Curl in my head. Yeah I had the greasy collar, pillow cases, and sheets. Thanks Mom! I know she was just doing what she knew how to do but damn she didn't even give me a chance to have long flowing hair.

That is why I am such an advocate for saving our daughter's hair. My co-worker's daughter has a head full of thick kinky hair and my co-worker is at her wits end about what she should do with her hair. The little girl takes swimming lessons and is very active. My co-worker has done the braids and has even did the texturizer (that companies are now marketing towards our daughters). Guess what her hair did....It laughed at that texturizer like HA HA Just try to straighten me. Her hair sort of reminds me of my own hair. I have offered to do her daughters hair for her...FREE NINETY NINE of course. I even asked if she has consider sisterlocks for her daughter especially if she will be swimming. I am trying any and everything to steer her away from the creamy crack as her last resort. Her daughter is I think 9 or 10 and her peers are touching her hair... asking her why is your hair so puffy? I hope I can save this little girl from what I had to go through as a child.

On another note.... I am going silver. Yeah I have a silver streak right in the front of my head that just won't stay in the locs. It started off as just a couple strands now they have brought their friends. I have Bigen'd them and they still come back with a couple new friends. What's a girl to do?
Oh did I mention it is time for a re-tightening. On Sunday my hubby was like babe it looks like you don't even have locs in the front of your hair. What he meant to say...Damn babe isn't it time for your retightening? My hair grows pretty fast so it is consistent at every 4 to 5 weeks.


V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Your locks are beautiful! I love the thickness of them. My edges where growing at one point, but they seem to have disappeared again. Congrats on your new baby locks!

Trina said...

Thanks Sistalocd! Do you do a lot of styling? If so this could be putting tension on your sides. Try massaging your edges at night before you go to bed. This helps the circulation around those edges.

Lakia said...

I too at times am at a wits end with my daughters hair. I want braidlocks for her but dady said no for now. So it is basically cornrowed every two weeks.

SeZ said...

That post made me giggle and yes we all have hair stories from the past. LOL I had a friend who had some hair missing at the edges of her hair from getting braids that pulled to tight. She used some stuff called Folliure that she purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply, it's online too. All of her hair grow back and thicker, you should try it. It may grow that much faster you never know.

DJT said...

Love your slideshow. your hair looks great!

Cabrini said...

lol.. aw, yay for baby locs. Girl, the way you were explaining that gray I was expecting salt and pepper for real! That's nothing! lol

I don't even wanna go into my childhood horror hair stories. Let's just say with Easter on the way, there is a nice lil memory of hot-combed burned ears from the HORRID pressing. I even wrote a poem about it, it traumatized me so! (Thanks, ma!)

I've been looking into tickets to come to you... I'm finding lots of stuff under 300. Not bad. I was thinking on my morning drive that I will probably bring Rj. I hope that's not a problem?

(p.s. this is my new blog for work, so I will be here more than any other... feel free to visit, comment, laugh, cry but my boss may be reading so don't call me any bad names! lol)

Docs Locs said...

God is good! Hoping my edges fill in a bit more too! Luv those thick coils.

Valenciajaz said...

What did you use to get your hair to grow at the temples? I have thin temples and I'm lookin for some help. Also, did you color your locks b4 or after you got
Sisterlocs? If you got them after did you notice a change in the texture of your locks? Sorry for so many ?????

Trina said...

Thanks for the compliments ladies! You sure know how to make a girl feel good about her hair. :)

Valenciajaz: I colored my hair before I was locked but I colored one more time after a year in an attempt to cover gray. I did notice a change at the tips of my locs some bunching, but this could be a part of the locking process so I don't know if I can blame it completely on the color.

I didn't do anything in particular to get my sides to grow besides keeping them moisturized with a light oil, massaging my temples, and I kept my hair styling to a minimum. That tugging will thin your temples even more. Now I did hear of something called Emu oil while I was at the sisterlock training class here in Atlanta but I haven't personally tried it.