Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Supporting Black Owned Businesses

Hey Blog Fam!

I believe this topic has come up in a couple of my blog favorites topics before. I am a little ticked off about something and I need to get it off of my chest concerning supporting Black Owned Business (BOB). Well, as you all may or may not know I order hair care products from a company called Naani. I have ordered from this company a total of two times with my last being this most recent order placed 11/11/07. The first time I ordered I did so against my better judgement since I read such negative reviews concerning Naani's customer service and the tardiness of receipt of products. Customers were waiting upwards of 2 months to receive their products when the website states to allow 15 business days to receive products. Well my first time ordering I purchased some Juanita Design cream and loc down cream. I received my products within one week and I was very pleased with the products. The most recent my hubby needed some more Dudu Osun liquid black soap and Naani had a great deal on a 6 pack so I ordered some products for myself including the Juanita shampoo and conditioners that were on sale and some leave in conditioner. My order totalling $76. So after 15 business days I start to get anxious and I send a email to the contact us link on the website. This link states someone would get back in contact with you as soon as possible. No luck! I call the numbers and leave a message and it says the same thing. No luck! So here I am after 4 attempts to contact Naani and nothing. I am so disappointed because I decided to give this company the benefit of the doubt after reading a ton of negative posts concerning this woman's business. I also read the woman's apology posted on I don't think she gets it. You can't expect to stay in business and treat your customer base like they don't matter. Even if I would have received an email notifying me of the status of my email I would feel better but yet instead I received nothing. So needless to say I will be disputing that charge on our credit card tomorrow and taking off of my favorites list. No more poor customer service for me not even to support a BOB.

On to another topic...I received my ......
You guessed it my SOFT SPIKES...I couldn't wait to use them. What better time to try them than the present. I had to do a major clarifying wash and conditioning since my return from Vegas...LOTS of smoke in the Vegas casinos and I can't stand the smell of smoke. I was pleased at the ease of use with this rollers. I have been using perm rods and let me tell you those bad boys put a hurting on your head when you try to sleep in them. I rolled my hair and I am sitting under the bonnet dryer for an hour then it is off to sleep. I will take pictures tomorrow to show the results. I know they will be fabulous.


brunsli said...

Yes, I guess all things being equal, I would give my business to a BOB. But, poor customer service is a quick way to make things unequal.

Your Soft Spike set in the post above looks great!