Friday, December 21, 2007

Adding more workouts

Hey Blog Fam!

Well this week has been quite trying for me at work. To say I am dealing with micro manager would be an understatement. My boss is bored so he has been on my back. He is like did you get this done yet, or that done yet, I did this because I was curious....WTF! I don't have plans to go into 2008 doing the same thing that I am doing in 2007 at this job. I know I don't react well to micro managing. Plus I have been sitting at my desk right through my lunch, staying late, and doing what I have to do to get the job done. No more! I thought back to when I was working in Detroit and a group of us used to do Ballys on our lunchbreak. We would do a Powerflex class (strength training), shower and be back at work in an hour and 15 minutes. I lost 15 pounds and several inches off of various parts of my body doing that. So I researched and there are two gyms within a mile of my job. Both of the gyms have worked out special memberships for us. So I go down to Gold's gym and they give me a great rate. Wonderful! I sign up and pay for two years up front. My entire goal is the incorporate a lunch time workout 3 to 4 days out of the week. I am also doing a 30 minute treadmill or Tae Bo early morning workout. This gym has resistance and strength classes around noon most days of the week so if I can attend a couple of those a week that would be great.

Today was my first day with an hour workout to break up my work day. I have it to a 3o minute elliptical machine workout and 5 to 10 minutes of stretching. Then it is off to the shower (which are private showers with a small dressing area outside of the shower). This entire routine roundtrip was an hour and 10 minutes. I feel great!! I am drinking a ton of water right now because that elliptical machine whipped my butt.

Stress is not a good thing and I am not about to let any job stress me out, so my way of dealing with this is to work it out. With reducing my stress levels I can lose this excess weight as well. It appears to be a win win situation. What do you think??