Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spiritual Warfare

Hey Blog Fam!

What an informative day I am having today. I tell you as I am walking this walk of faith I feel myself growing more and more each day. I recently missed out on attending my church’s women’s conference (I was attending my dad’s wedding), but I was able to purchase the CD set to listen to in the car. OH BOY! I can’t even get off the first CD! Elder Deneen Humphrey started the series off with “Girding your waist with TRUTH!” or spiritual warfare. WHOO WEEE BABY! Let me tell you this…Elder Humphrey is on FIRE! She gave an amazingly similar situation of how she learned how to fight in Cleveland, Ohio (A fellow C-Towner). She was in 3rd grade and was being chased home by 3 females from her school. As she was running just about to reach her porch she saw her mother through the door and guess what her mother did….locked that door and asked her if she wanted to get beat down by the 3 females or by her (momma). Of course she took that whooping from those 3 females but the next day she came back ready. Wow! I thought my mom was the only parent to do that to her children. That is exactly how I learned to fight. Two twins chased me up on our porch and my mother locked the door and watched with her belt in hand. She was like you don’t run from NO FIGHT get out there now or I am going to beat you like you stole something. Don’t you know I got out there like a wild cat on those two girls. I may have gotten slightly beat up but don’t you know I was ready the next day with a brick in my book bag. I learned how to fight that day. She compares that butt whipping to how the enemy is whipping us every single day. In Ephesians chapter 6:14 NIV it states Stands firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place. WOW! Just like I came prepared that next day with a brick in my book bag…I am coming prepared with more than a brick in my arsenal today…I am girding my waist with truth. The enemy has been whipping my behind all week long and it is only Tuesday. Arguments amongst friends over petty she said she said, old temptations rearing their ugly heads, and stealing my study time. The enemy has definitely been busy on me. I wanted to do a little studying this weekend and yesterday but the enemy kept me busy engaging in minor arguments amongst friends until it was time to go to bed. Well guess what I got a brick for the face of the enemy right in my book bag waiting. I took back my time today during lunch and I am so happy I did. I took the time to study an article called stop being a concubine. I went back and read the scriptures quoted as well as read the scriptures quoted in my Women’s Conference CD set. I am talking about I am breaking it down and building it up and taking it apart and applying it to my life. Take that enemy!


C. said...

I can't express enough how cool this is to see you this way.

We have to talk soon, so I can hear and understand when you had the epiphany. :)

Trina said...

Pers! Everyone is saying the exact same thing you are saying. Another friend of mine was like your spirit is so bright right now and I can't believe how much you have changed. Girl the ephiphany that I had...whew!! You will have to call me so I can tell you that one.

Linda said...

Hey, do I understand that you are from c-town. Well I am too!! I'm diggin your locks and feel a spritual connection as well. I will be checking out your blog periodically and look forward to hearing more from you!

Trina said...

CTOWN!!! Yes Linda...I am from Cleveland, Ohio.

I really appreciate a fellow c-towner stopping by my blog. I will return the favor to keep in touch.