Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Never take supplements on an empty stomach

Hey Blog Fam!

I am not feeling so great! Whoozy to say the least. I did some craziness this morning. I mixed up my protein shake and I grabbed my glucosamine supplements (for my joints and knee pain after working out). I thought I would be okay because I take my protein shake as a meal so I swallowed down the two horse pills with my protein shake. WRONG MOVE TRINA!! Now I am sitting here and I can feel the pills in the bottom of my stomach and nothing is in there that can really absorb it up. I don't usually eat meat or breads during the day so all I am eating is fruits, veggies, or yogurt and that is not doing it. As long as I am full I am not feeling it...but as soon as that stomach is empty the swaying begins. Lesson learned....take your supplements on a full stomach or prior to going to sleep. Blah!