Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Brushing Locks

Hey Blog Fam!

My mane is progressing and I am noticing she is becoming flakey. My mane flakey??? Nah not her! Yes her! I am flaking up now more than ever due to this extreme dry weather we are having in the ATL (I am so sure you guys have heard about the drought). Now the flakes are getting caught up in my locks. Dang it! Plus with me working out 4 to 5 days a week I have to wash more frequently because my scalp will start to itch like CRAZY. I can not stand to have strange things up in my mane so I immediately took a stroll through and was immediately reminded about brushing locks. The brushing of locks will loosing the objects trapped in your locks and stimulate the scalp. Can I tell you that I can't wait to get home to get to brushing this mane of mine. I can picture it now...*Dream Sequence Begins* Getting home doing my 2 to 3 mile treadmill workout. Once done on the treadmill, I will whip out the brush and brush loose those strange flakes and thangs. Rejoicing!!! Then hitting the shower with my Pure Tea Shampoo by Fantasia and the spritz bottle of conditioner. Hmm...I can see it so vividly. Stepping out drying the mane and body....then get my jojoba, lavendar, and rosemary oil mixture and apply it to my scalp. Massage in and get the brush again. Ahhh! Heaven!

If you guys haven't tried the jojoba oil mixture please try it...I am here to tell you it is great. My godsister was at my house and she needed some of course I told her she could use my oil mixture. She also has a relaxer. She came out of the bathroom shaking her hair like that commercial by Herbal Essence and proceeded to talk me out of my mix. I was like OH NO MY SISTA YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR OWN. :)