Monday, September 17, 2007

From Curly Mohawk to Side Sweeping Updo

Hey Blog Fam!

Last week I attended the National Black MBA Associations conference in Orlando, FL. Tuesday through Saturday. My company sent me for recruiting purposes but hey why not take advantage of the professional development classes that were available. This conference was amazing. Professional men and women networking and sharing experiences and having a great time doing so. I love it! I had the opportunity to listen to a Keynote Speech from Susan Taylor Editor and Chief of Essence magazine. There were concerts featuring KEM, CON FUNK SUN, and Midnight Star. There were all kinds of receptions with cocktails and food after a hard day of recruiting and seminars. I met some wonderful people from different departments of my company. It feels good to see others just like you doing big things in a big company. I collected like 20 business cards that I must follow up on this week or next just to establish and maintain the network. Expanding your network should be something that everyone of us should do. Hey if the other persuasion can do it so can we. I even saw one of my fellow ATL Sisterlock Sisters there. HEY Valerie! If you are reading this.

Now on to the hairstyle I am rocking in this pick. Yall remember that curly mohawk that I wore to the ATL Sisterlock Gathering? That was like a week and some change ago right? Well I made a visit to Cia at Kinky Awakenings who took the still tightly curled mohawk and twisted me up into an elegant updo for my dad's wedding that is scheduled for this weekend the 22nd. You think those curls can last? I do! The curls keep going and the energizer bunny. I will make sure to take plenty of pictures for your guys .


Mzcka said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful.

lashaune said...

All right I am definitely feeling this style and your locks look great! Cia is your consultant?

Ms Stella said...

I love that look! The flower adds a nice touch.

veejaytrue said...

Hey Katrina, yes Orlando was very uplifting, well laid out and great speakers. I really enjoyed it and hope to be ready next year to make a move. It was great seeing you there. VS didn't give away anything great so you didn't miss anything by not waiting.... smile!

Be Blessed


ps: Congrats on your being baptized

Trina said...

Thanks Ladies!

Lashaune, I maintain my hair myself, but Cia is the consultant that I go to look over my hair to make sure that I am re-tightening correcting.

PAYLAR said...

Hey Trina,
I didn't even recognize you. I was at the ATL SL gathering, and your hair looks even more amazing in person. I love the color and texture. Cia is my consultant, too. She's good, isn't she!!

C. said...

Oh my goodness, Pers... your hair is divine.

cheleski68 said...

this is cute! my husband is ron george, know him(grad 05 head of alpha omega)hit me back