Wednesday, May 5, 2010

P90x...I love it!

Hey Blog Fam!

So we finally broke down and purchased P90x and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I LOVE IT! I've heard so many people talk about it is so hard and I couldn't finish the workout blah blah blah. Well not only did I start the series I am keeping up and giving it my all. I paced myself and started with the bands and the weights versus the chin up bar. I think if I would have started with the chin up bar I would have failed. I think this is where a lot of people are going wrong. Why go out and buy this chin up bar when you know you can't get your large frame (I wanted to say something else) up there to even grab the bar. Do the bands until you work your way up to the chin up bar. It works much better that way. I started as soon as the DVD's arrived last week. I started over this week this week to make it count. I even took some before pics. These are my post baby body and after 5 workouts I am seeing my shoulders, chest and arms come back. YAY!!

This is me post baby at 217. I still have some water on my legs and around my midsection but as I continue to work out the water is moving. My pre baby was 196 so I have a little way to go before I get there. My P90x goal for the 90 days is to lose 25 but more importantly is to fit back into my clothes comfortably.
Something else that I am doing differently that is helping me succeed is EATING. Most people start this program and only eat 1,000 calories trying to lose as much weight as possible. Well that may work for some people but for my body I need to eat. I need to fuel my workouts properly or I will be on the floor somewhere. Especially with me breastfeeding which is already burning plenty calories. So I set a goal to eat between 1,500 and 2,000 calories a day. I am not doing so hot at eating as many fresh fruits and veggies but I am getting better.
All in all I love the program. Each DVD goes fast! Before you know it you look at the screen and you see the time is almost up and you are sweating it out good. The one thing that I know I will have to get is that weight set. I have two sets of resistance bands and a set of 5lb and 10lb weights. I am going to exceed that by the 2nd month so I am going to purchase the bowflex or something comparable. I also have plans to purchase a portable DVD player so I can take this to work and utilize it in the gym downstairs from my office. The gym is small with 3 treadmills, 2 elliptical, 2 stairclimbers, free weights, and nautilus equipment. Did I mention it has mirrors, two tvs, and a shower. I can bring my portable DVD player and get my P90x on in the gym. I might even meet some new friends who may want to join me.
I hope all of you ladies who are trying to get your prebaby body back are making progress. It is hard work being a mommy.


Jonathan said...

Congrats on your start with P90X! I finished my first round of P90X a few weeks ago.

I started another round of P90X last Sunday and I'm doing it with my wife this time (this is her first round).

Also, are you a Beachbody Coach? I put together a short video on the program showing my results so far and showing you why anyone should become a Coach no matter where they are at in their fitness program. Check it out here-

Beachbody Coach Video

Feel free to contact me about it.

V said...

Hey Trina I'm gald you love it! YOu give me hope. Ihave the DVD series too but too scared to use it, lol. Right now I'm using another DVD series thats made from the same company. Called Chalean Extreme she is the same lady that did Turbo Jam. I love the workouts although it's probably not as hard as P90X it is still a challenge. After I finish with that program (it's 3 months) then I plan to move on to P90X. We are going to get this baby weight off us one way another! Keep up the good work!

Naturally Sophia said...

Hey Trina! Kudos to you because P90X is hard to do> I started it with the chin-up bar and a stool, the weights, and the bands. I'll put it down and go back to it. So, awesome that you are sticking with it.

Recently I started walking up Stone Mountain again. I do better with outdoor workouts as far as consistency.

You are still glowing! the baby must be a happy one.

V said...

Hey Trina, I forgot to tell you that Reebok makes a great set of weights that you can adjust. It's called Reebok Speed Pac. It starts from 5lbs and goes up to 25lbs in increments of 5. I cant rember how much I paid for them but I'm sure it was less than 100 dollars. I got them from Target. I like them very much. However you can find many weight sets like the bow flex online (amazon). Hope this helps.

*~RBG~* said...

WAY TO GO, Pers!

I'm doing Chalene Extreme... I told myself when I complete that one I will treat myself to P90X (the official version since one of my friends uploaded the comp files for me) to tone whatever is left and after building some muscle for myself.

Yes, it certainly is hard being a mommy... and pre-baby weight is something you have to attack early or you'll be like me, toddler about to be 3 and still at your pre-baby body... but I'm glad you're back at it...I could use some friendly competition of the female persuasion. :-) But um, honey, you're looking damn good at 217!!

Trina said...

Thanks V! I am going to look into those today.

Pers, you have some company doing the Chalene Extreme. V is also doing that series in hopes of moving up to P90x. Maybe we can all be a support system for each other while we are working out with these programs. Thanks for the compliment. It makes feel good to hold down 217 after having a baby, but you know your Pers I am not happy being here so you know it is ON!

dewdrop said...

You look great and keep up the good work!