Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back to work!

Hey Blog Fam!

Today I have scheduled my first retightening since having my son. I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I am still on on leave from my full time gig so I have some time to get my business affairs in order for Locks 4 Life Atlanta. In the next two weeks I have 7 retightenings scheduled. I have made arrangements for a sitter to come over on Saturdays while I am servicing clients. For the most part it will be in the mornings until my husband can come home and spend some time with CJ. My new client schedule will be Friday and Saturdays only.

My son is in daycare this week (we are doing a trial run) and it has been extremely hard to leave him. It gets easier each day I take him but I still feel my heart breaking when he is not around. The funny thing is this little boy is thriving in the daycare environment. The teachers raved about him when I picked him up yesterday. CJ is lifting his head. CJ is so alert. CJ is such a calm baby. CJ has some teeth that will be coming in soon. WOW! Every mother believes their child is the best but these ladies are making me feel great. I walked into the infant room yesterday and CJ was sitting in the swing just smiling from ear to ear. Swing? CJ? He hates his swing at home. The teacher picked him up to change him. She walked past me with CJ in her arms and CJ turns his head to look at me and smiled really big as if to say MOMMY. My pooter is growing up! I love him so! He is only 6 weeks and making moves. The women joked...CJ is moving out the way for his sibling. Sheesh!! Can I get used to him first before they start talking about a sibling?

I have been in the gym every day this week and it feels great. I plan to visit a couple of gyms in my immediate vicinity to see what the facility is like. If I can find a great gym within 15 minutes of my home and the daycare I can still have my gym time after work before I pick up CJ. I've playing around with the idea in addition to P90X. We will see how everything works when my hubby starts his new schedule next week. We will be in full swing next week with my hubby dropping CJ off and me picking him up. I plan to work 7:30 to 3:00 PM to ensure that I have time (including any ATL traffic) to get the daycare before 6 PM. If there is no traffic I can get to the gym by 3:45 PM, work out for an hour, and pick CJ up by 5:30 PM. It sounds like a plan. We will see how it works. LOL!! I am such a planner.


V said...

Glad things are starting to get back in order. Hope everything works out for you.

V said...

Hey Trina,

I just realized that you wrote me on my weight loss blog. To answer your question, I'm not breastfeeding. So I was able to go ahead with the cleanse. Although I was cleansing I didn't feel week. It's probably not recommended to exercise while cleansing.

*~RBG~* said...

Things are really molding for ya'll... and for that I am so very pleased. Looking good in the new photos, ma'am! Keep working the plan!