Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The busiest weekend of my business life

Hey Blog Fam!

What a busy week this is shaping up to be. WHEW! I was off last week from doing hair because my mom was visiting. I actually had a client on Saturday but we had to reschedule. God is so good! He has blessed Locks 4 Life Atlanta abundantly and I am so thankful. Where do I start? Okay I will start with my retightening that I have scheduled. I have one on Thursday and two on Fridays (Thank God I can work from home on Fridays). I have one install on Saturday that just confirmed. Just a few days ago I was called from a young lady calling internationally. WOW! She will be transitioning to GA in a few months but she definitely wants her hair done by none other. I was so humbled and grateful that she appreciates my work enough to want to entrust her installation to me. She will be in the ATL on Thursday for 5 days total. So guess where that put her installation. You guessed it on Sunday. I am looking at my schedule like GEEZ Oh Petes! God is good so I am going to run with this.

Thursday – 1 Retightening
Friday – 2 Retightening
Saturday – Full Install
Sunday – Full Install

With the business growing I need to step up my marketing and advertising efforts. Did I tell you guys that I have a B.S. in Marketing, so this is so right up my alley. I love Marketing! First thing I wanted to do is find a vendor that could not only revamp my website but provide a total solution for my small business needs such as a logo, website creation and hosting, as well as web marketing (Driving business to your site). I found that in Leaders in eDesign The wife of this husband and wife team is actually my Soror. I figured why not keep it in the family when I decided to reach out. That was a week ago and they already sent me two different approaches for the website and the logo. I loved the first and now they are moving on to writing the code. What was so funny is that when I chatted with my Soror she knew exactly what I wanted just based off of my personality. She was like you want something artistically captivating, natural, professional, etc. I was like you sure do know my personality. When I received the mock up it was perfect with my favorite color combinations. So be on the look out for a new website and logo coming soon. Be sure to check out Leaders in eDesign if you are looking for affordable small business web solutions.


Happiest Nappy said...

You are a BIG...HUGE inspiration. Your locks are beautiful God bless your business!