Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I gained :( but I lost :)

Hey Blog Fam!

You guys know I have been on this new lifestyle change. I workout 6 to 7 days a week burning on average 3,000 calories. I also strength train twice a week. Well I have been doing this for about a month now and my trainer decided to weigh me last Saturday. DUM DUM DUM....I cringed when I stepped on the scale. Hold up...can I take off my shoes, IPOD, and heartrate monitor. Those have to account for something. To my dismay I gained like 6 pounds. :( Where in the hell is that 6 pounds?? My clothes fit well and I feel great. My trainer was like hold up let me do your body fat measurements again. So she pulls out this contraption that resembles huge tweezers and she begins to pinch places like my stomach, the back of my arm, and right about my knee. She punches in the numbers and she says look at this. What? When I started this thing I was 42.9% body fat and 6 pounds lighter. After she completed this measurement I am 30.3% body fat. Yep I lost 12.5% body fat while picking up 6 pounds of muscle. I bulk really fast so the goal to gain 6 more pounds of muscle has been achieved now I have to drop the pounds. So the game plan is to pick up the cardio to burn an average of 3,500 calories a week. I decided to join the runners club on Saturday and they run 2 miles completing a trip around Discovery Mills. I am also working on my stamina and increasing my intensity of the workouts by remaining in Zone 3 for the majority of my workouts. Zone 3 for me is jogging at 4.2 MPH. On Monday I was able to complete 4 miles in 60 minutes. I was so proud of myself because I did this while traveling. I always make sure I find a hotel with a fitness center. Most of the Marriotts have equipment that is compatible with my heart rate monitor. In my suitcase I always have my gym shoes and a workout outfit. This business trip was awesome because the Area Ops Manager gave me a guest pass to his gym. It was nice but it can't be compared to LifeTime. I did my strength training along with an hour of cardio yesterday and today I am on a break. It is important for me to give my body a break in the middle of the week so I can recuperate. My hamstrings and glutes are screaming at me. They have never worked so hard in their lives, so I have some soreness in my right ham and glutes. Tender enough to impact my run. I have to make certain that I stretch really good even on my off days.

So my reward was a nice pair of shoes. Check these out. I know the quality wasn't that great...I took it with my phone. Very sexy! Now if my leg muscles will stop hurting enough for me to wear them.


Sogolocs said...

Keep up the good work. It has inspired me, and the shoes are great. What a way to reward yourself. Keep us posted

Anonymous said...

Yes, definintely and inspiration - you seem really focused!
Also, YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED!! See my page for directions :-)

Bougie said...

Girl I miss exercising like the desert misses rain... you look great btw