Friday, January 1, 2010

All I want for Christmas and New Year's Commitments

So what did you get for Christmas you ask? Well Blog Fam...I really didn't ask for much this Christmas. As a matter of fact I didn't ask for anything but my child's health. God gave me the biggest blessing of my life in 2009 and that is my unborn son CJ. As you can see from my six month photo he is growing nicely. I couldn't be more focused and determined as I await his arrival. Furnishing his room, organizing his clothes, purchasing life insurance, researching, 529 plans, daycare research, hospital tours, etc There is so much to do and still in the midst of it all I still feel like I am dreaming this. I still can't believe that God has entrusted me with this life that grows inside of my womb. After many years of waiting only 2.5 months remain ahead of us. I can't wait to meet CJ.

While preparing for CJ, I realized that I sacrificed my fitness in order to bring CJ to this world. On hiatus are the 5 to 6 day a week gym visits and I sure do miss them. As a precaution my doctor advised me to put my gym visits on hold until after CJ arrives. I am glad I listened, because I have the following symptoms: shortness of breath, back pains, and edema (swollen hands, forearms, legs, feet, and other parts I wish to not name) which have plagued me for most of my pregnancy. So what happens when CJ gets here? I don't think my gym takes newborns so I am preparing my basement for my workouts. I registered for a jogging stroller for my neighborhood jogs. I also priced out a BOSU Balance Ball. If you don't know what this little wonder is you need to try it. I credit this ball with helping me to strengthen my core and literally shrinking my waist, thighs, and butt before I got pregnant. P90X is also in the plans with the purchase of a complete weight set. With my gym being about a good 20 to 30 minutes away I am not sure if that will be the best thing to do with CJ being so young. I love my gym and it stays open 24/7 so I may be able to fit it in on some days but for the most parts if I want to get a early morning workout in my best bet is to do it at home. I have worked out with 3 trainers and I formulated a program that works best for me and my body. Excessive cardio doesn't work for me at all. More weights and core training is what is going to take the weight off fast along with portion control. So ladies I will be back in to win in 2010 so look for me.


Bajan Lily said...

Congratulations Trina (my son is also CJ and just turned one!)I wish you all the best for the remainder of your pregnancy and a very safe delivery.

Brown ButtahFly said...

You look so cute pregnant! I can't wait to meet my little one either. I'm also having a boy. As for the workouts I look so forward to getting my body back, my DH has the P90X but the workouts look so difficult. Hey maybe you could be my online workout partner, lol.

Take Care

*~RBG~* said...

hey now!! fyi, breastfeeding burns MUCHO calories...I wish I could do it NOW lol..

You look great, Pers!

Trina said...

@Bajan Lily - Thank you so much!

@Brown Buttahfly - Thank you mama! What is your daughter going to do now that she is outnumbered. LOL! Girl don't be afraid of the P90X as with anything you can modify until you work your way to the full workout. I am down for being theonline workout patna. Ask my Pers RBG. We were on it tough before I got pregnant.

@RBG - Thanks! Pers you know I am all over that breastfeeding. I just need to make sure I eat enough calories. I remember you saying at one point you almost fainted from working out and not having enough calories.

Shaunells Hair said...

Wow, just happened on your blog, and it's great!! LOve the hair, and congrats on your little one on the way!!

*~RBG~* said...

lol yes ma'am I sure did... I can laugh about it now. Have your OBGYN schedule you with a nutritionist.. to tell you how much you should be eating while working out and breastfeeding. That will help.