Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Moving along from Trainee to Certification

Hey Blog Fam!

God is so good! This year has been really busy for me. First off my job decided that I have enough time and talent to help out on two very high profile teams. One of the teams has now sent me to implement the process around the country so our first stop is Southern California. LA to be exact. I am gone from Sunday night to Thursday night. Now I am receiving emails from another project team asking for my help. Dang! They must think I have my cape blowing in the wind or something.

With the corporate job doing it's thing now my Sisterlock business has exploaded. I completed a full installation this month and now I have 3 full installations in March and one scheduled for April (her daughter will follow in June). One of my clients (Elaine) has been so good and has given my card out during her second job. So many people have complimented her hair and now I have two full installations through her. In a minute Elaine will have a free retightening coming her way. I love my clients they are so good to me. With my short hair promotions that I am offering I am completing full installations on Fridays or Saturdays so starting March 7th I am busy every weekend. The hubby doesn't mind too much because after this month I can submit my paperwork for certification. Hmmm Katrina Sisterlock Consultant sounds so very nice. Now if I can only find time to do my own hair. :)

With the added business comes the improved speed. My time spent retightening a client has improved to 2.5 hours to 4.5 hours tops. My longest time retightening is 4.5 hours and that is my client who has over 600 locks easily. Once I put on my Ipod it is all about FOCUS. Sometimes I don't get a chance to listen to my music because I am chatting with my clients. We have some of the best conversations and the bonding between sisters is welcomed. The one thing that I perfected is my gentle technique. This is something my mentor always stressed. A client should never feel discomfort or large amounts of tugging of the hair. Each of my new clients all said the same thing when I put in their test locks. Are you done already? I didn't even feel that. Or I thought you were still parting. I am proud of that. I want for each of my clients to have a stress free relaxed time in my chair.


Naturally Sophia said...

I am so very happy for you! I hope to see you one of these days though I know the weekends are your money making time.

*~RBG~* said...

Do the thang, Pers. You are killin it, in every facet. I admire you.