Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hey Blog Fam!

I am really excited! Locks 4 Life - Atlanta's studio is going through a transformation. My contractor came yesterday and started laying the tile and I must say I was very pleased when I arrived home from my business trip just an hour ago. He is doing the darn thang. He also told me the plans for the shampoo bowl. He even did a sketch on the floor of where it would lay. Take a look at the closet area on the floor area. He will be making the door to that closet wider so the shampoo bowl can fit right in and I can go to either side to wash the hair. He is really professional. Take a look at the what the studio looked like before compared to right now. It is not finished and of course I will share the completed pictures. The tile makes the room look much bigger and more open as opposed to the carpet, even though the carpet was very plush and my customers and I loved it. :) He is also doing the bathroom right next to the studion in the same tile. COORDINATE!! Gotta love that! Plus we have enough tile for him to come and do the other two bathrooms in our home. My hubby picked out the tile...what do you think of his selection. I think he did a wonderful job!

So you guys know I have been chatting up my new gym and the knowledge that I have recently got my hands on concerning my metabolism and heart rate. Well to my surprise when I stepped on the scale today just to see what was going on from last week I discovered I had lost 3 pounds. That is with clothes on! I decided to leave my clothes on because that is how I weighed in. More food, cardio in my fat burning zone and strength training equals more weight lost faster. What a great surprise!! I am so sure my trainer won't let my body go into a plateau as I am training with her for 4 months.

If you guys don't have a heart rate monitor...I highly recommend one. This little sucker was on my behind this morning. As I went out of my zone that thing started beeping so loud and angrily until I submitted and slowed my heart rate down. Dang! It is worse than my trainer.


luvlockd said...

hey there! you've been tagged! please see my blog for more info...

ps...ive been thinking of buying a HR you think the brand matters?

Trina said...

I think a more well known brand allows you more compatability with machines in a gym or hotel setting. Like the HR monitor that I own is compatible with all of my gyms machines as well as some of the well known hotel chain fitness center machines.

Oh I can't check your blog for details as your blog is set to private setting.

Anonymous said...

This place looks nice. It almost looks like the place I had my "back" braids put in last year this time. :)
It was near the West End....
I have not been to an AtL Natural hair meet up in years! Hoping my $$$ situation gets better, so one day, I can shock everyone and show up!
I also hope to have some updates this fall.

Take Care~

Sogolocs said...

Why do you have to have a heart monitor. Is it dangerous to get out of zone ?