Friday, April 11, 2008

I love my hair and I wanted to showcase it.....BUT

So I finally got my photoshoot pics back from the Sisterlock training class. Hmmm what can I say about them? I am not feeling them too much. These are the only two that really focus on my hair and didn't have me looking greasy. I am not knocking the photographer but I should have let my hubby snap some shots of me.

For example....what does eating chicken have to do with my hair? Even if the chicken was finger licking.

I can dig this pic here. But I had a lot of pics that I was like WHAT!?!?


Lakia said...

Your hair is BEAUTIFUL, LMAO @ the chicken pic

SeZ said...

LOL to the eating chicken picture. That was to funny. Did you have to pay for the shoots to be taken?