Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sitting under my new dryer while typing

My hubby bought me this new hair dryer for Christmas. It isn't that Purple People Heater that I wanted but it works really well. It cuts my drying time in half, which is a plus for me. It is especially great when I have to wash my hair multiple times during the week due to my streneuous workout schedule (I am hitting the gym twice a day. Once on my lunch and right after work) and my hair is a sweating mess. So this dryer is my new best friend. Gotta love the hubby for paying attention when I talk. All I did was say...You know it would be great if I could sit at the computer while my hair is drying. He listened and went to Sallys and bought this dryer for me.


SistaLocd said...

How sweet, I love it when men pay attention. However my DH isn't paying attention at the moment, lol. I wanted the purple people heater too, although my DH basically gives me anyhting I want for some reason he is not to sure about this hair dryer, he just doesn't understand. However I am going to continue to work on him, I know I'll get it soon! Congrats on your new hairdryer! Take Care,