Monday, September 10, 2007

A great weekend.

Well Hey Fam!

Wow here is my very first post on Blogger!

I had the opportunity to get out and mingle this weekend. My husband and I have been living in the metro Atlanta area for 9 months now and we are finally getting out and enjoying some of the venues. Friday night we went to a FREE Jazz concert in Suwanne (sp) park. REALLY NICE!!! Did I say it was Free! We brought our lawn chairs and kicked back and relaxed. There were a lot of kids there so it is a wonderful family event.

On Saturday I attended a Sisterlock Gathering for women in the Atlanta metro area at Pappadeaux. Good food, great networking, and great personalities. I learned so much during the 4 hours we dined together. I am also so very proud of myself for doing my own hair and receiving so many compliments. All the ladies were so interested in how I obtained my curly mohawk. They wanted to know the styling cream, the style rods, and what how I covered my hair. I am so proud. I even retighten my own hair which was a shock to them.
It really feels incredible to be in a city where black women are supportive and friendly. My experiences while living in Detroit were not so pleasant and through those experiences I truly feel as if I lost a part of myself that I am slowing regaining here in the South. That part of me that I lost was my outgoing personality. Don't get me wrong I am still outgoing but I am more reserved. I watch people to determine what their intentions are. I don't mean to be that way but I have been hurt so many times in Detroit by women who pretended to be my friend but showed out in the end. Great thing is the south is bringing me back. Thanks ATL!

Sunday, was a beautiful re-birth for me. I was baptized yesterday morning and I am so happy I did it. I feel like a ton of bricks has been released from my shoulders. WHEW!! I sat yesterday and just felt like everything that I did in my past doesn't even exist anymore. It is really hard even to remember. It is not even important to me any longer. God is good!!


Ebony said...

I'm from Detroit as well and I know the feeling about the women here. I feel like I don't fit-in because of my personality, so most of the time, I stick to myself and my family. Your hair looks great! You didn't mention if they were sisterlocks or not, but I'm curious to know. I love the size of them.

C. said...

I am so proud of you for deciding to strengthen your relationship with the Creator. I bet your baptism was very emotional and knowing you, I'm sure when you were dipped your hair was FIERCE! :)